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Split Type or Window Type: Which one is best for me?

For starters, a window type is always the first choice in air conditioners, but should it always be the best option for your space? Let’s break down the things that should be considered before you decide on buying a new air conditioner.


In your search for the best air conditioner, you probably have already noticed a slight difference in price between a window type and split type air conditioners of the same capacity. A split type air conditioner, obviously, costs higher in the market than a window type. Yet, this is not the only thing that should be considered.

As we are all looking for a cooling equipment that will function in the long-haul, we are also to consider how much energy it can consume, the cost of its maintenance, or the cost of its spare parts after the expiration of the warranty – we’ll talk about these later.

Split type AC comes with a more advanced technology and various convenient control options, making it more expensive compared to a window type AC. So, if the initial budget for the AC unit is not an issue, then buying a split type is advisable for someone who values technological advancement. However, if budget is indeed a big factor to consider, then going for a window type AC is more likeable.


In most cases, the EER of a split AC is higher than a window type AC. ERR refers to the amount of cooling an air conditioner can provide by consuming 1 watt of electricity. The higher the EER, the more energy-efficient it is. Thus, a split type air conditioner saves more energy consumption compared to a window type.

This also means that in the long-run, a split AC incurs a lower cost compared to a window type AC.

Space Requirement

Split and window types are two differently sized items. In case you don’t know, a split type air conditioner is divided into two separate units: the IDU (indoor unit), where you’ll find the evaporative part, and the ODU (outdoor unit) where the compressor and the condenser are. On the other hand, with the window air conditioner, you will find all these components inside the cube-shaped unit.

With the size difference between both types, placement is often a deciding factor for most buyers because split air conditioners take up more space than the window type air conditioner.

Ease of Installation

A window-type air conditioner is obviously easier to install and uninstall. Essentially, you just have to place it or pull it out carefully from the wall or window cut-out. Thus, if you’re renting or you move residences a lot, it’s easier and cheaper to get a window-type aircon.

However, the advantage of a split-type aircon is that you don’t need to put a hole in the wall or allot a window to install it. All you need is small drilled hole through your wall to connect the IDU to the ODU.


This may be obvious – it’s easier to clean a window-type aircon whether you DIY or ask a professional. But as for a split type A, you might need to hire an AC cleaning expert. The same goes with troubleshooting, though should only be done by a professional, it is much easier to service a window-than handling any troubleshooting concern with split air conditioner.

So, while a split type air conditioner is much advanced than a window AC, window type AC is much easier to maintain.

Spare Parts

The supply of spare parts goes hand-in-hand with the maintenance. Truth be told, most air conditioners here in the Philippines can only be bought from an authorized dealer. This means that spare parts are not offered for free, while warranties only go on for a very short time. Spare parts of the well-known brands do not come cheap, and we understand why. Additionally, once installed by another installer, the warranties of your AC may result to voidance.

Luckily, Brun Airconditioner, a Filipino brand is here to level-up the game, offering a warranty of 5 years on compressors, 1 year on spare-parts, plus a one-year free cleaning for your purchased units. Since it’s a Filipino brand, its spare parts are considered the cheapest and easiest to find.

So, whether you go for a window type or split type, consider getting it from a supplier that wouldn’t let you break the bank in keeping your AC functioning as brand new in the long-haul.

Noise Levels

Many Filipinos are used to the loud droning of window-type aircons. However, when you switch to a split-type aircon, you’ll appreciate how much quieter it is. Good thing, Brun Airconditioner offers an inverter window type air conditioner that features a noiseless compressor. This Window Type AC will blow your mind if you got used with a loud humming of your old unit. So, if you want to stick with the traditional window type AC for your space, then might as well go for a Brun Inverter Window Type Air Conditioner.


What’s great about split type AC’s is that they’re installed above eye-level. Therefore, they don’t interrupt the decor as much as window air conditioners. Moreover, split type air conditioners don’t block natural lighting, plus it can help enhance your interior. Let’s take Brun Airconditioner Inverter Wall Mounted Air Conditioner for example, it features a glass-like cover with a design that helps you achieve a sophisticated look for your space.

So, if you’re one who wouldn’t diss the interior design to save purchasing cost, then we advise you to go for a split type air conditioner.

At Brun Aircondition Incorporated, we don’t just offer Brun Airconditioner products at the lowest price, we also provide the most upfront service maintenance for your units.

So, once you have finally made up your mind on which air conditioner to get, considering the most important factor for you, give us a call and we are here to help you get the comfort you deserve.

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