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Ice Build-up in your Air Conditioner: What are its Causes and What to do About it?

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

Have you noticed that your air conditioner has stopped blowing cold air and eventually found some ice building up in the refrigerant lines? Of course, you start to worry and wonder if its normal.

Well, ice anywhere in your AC is not normal. Yet, as bizarre as it may sound, ice build-up is one of the common problems an AC faces when mishandled. Here are some of the most usual reasons it happens and what you can do about it:

1. Dirty Filters

Air Filter, as its name implies, filters out the air impurities, traps dust and other contaminants from going into the evaporator fins, getting the risk of being dirty all the time. Hence, it must be serviced regularly. Otherwise, problems such as ice build-up and even health risks may arise.

A solution you can do is to take down the filters and thoroughly clean it by soap, rag and water, and finally wiping it dry before putting it back in your AC. Yet, no matter how simple it sounds, cleaning AC filters must be done by someone who knows well how to.

2. Low Refrigerant Charge

The refrigerant serves as the cooling agent for your air conditioner. Once your AC has a low charge of it, a leak may occur. Plus, as a low refrigerant lowers the pressure in the system causing lower temperatures, an ice-formation also occurs.

You must call for a professional AC service provider for help in repairing the leak from your unit and have it recharged with refrigerant.

3. Blocked Evaporator Coils

Evaporator coil is located after the air filter and also restricts airflow through the unit; thus, a blockage in it may also cause an ice build-up. What’s more alarming about a clogged evaporator coil is that it consumes more electricity, causing a surge in your bill and damage to the unit’s compressor.

The only reasonable solution you must do is to call someone who knows how to repair and clean your evaporator coils professionally to avoid further damage. A knowledgeable technician will take down the entire evaporator for cleaning. However, this may be costly, that is why a regular maintenance should be observed to avoid these types of AC problems, ensuring your AC functions optimally at all times.

4. Mechanical Failure

It may be a damaged fan, a problem in the wirings, broken valves or may be a blocked drain. Whatever the damage in the air conditioner’s mechanical function may cause an ice build-up.

Truthfully, any DIY servicing cannot be of help in this problem. Unless you call for AC professionals to check your unit and have it repaired, the problem will continue, if not increase.

Having said all these, it only means that providing a solution to the ice-build up in your AC unit can be solved, most especially by professionals, yet, it can also be prevented. With proper and regular maintenance, ice build-up and any other AC problems can be forefended, allowing it to function as good as brand new.

To provide the time-proven and most affordable maintenance plan for your air conditioning units, Brun Sales and Services Incorporated has a series of lines you can reach anytime and anywhere. With branches all across the country, we are here to make sure every Filipinos experience the best cooling services they deserve.

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