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Increase Your Business’s Responses To COVID-19 Pandemic

Recently, our government has once again placed Metro Manila and four other provinces under MECQ while keeping high-risk areas on lockdown.

The normal we got used to and raised with may never return and may force us to go on with our lives knowing the virus will be around and will disappear indefinitely, recalling the now, meme-famous statement from Senator Cynthia Villar,

“I guess we have to live with this and go on with our lives.”

Starting the lift of the enhanced community quarantine and permission to have few business sectors to operate with limited reach while following strict health protocols, businesses tremendously strive to come up with solid defenses and responses against pandemic and keep their source of living, living.

Just like all other business organizations, Brun Aircondition Incorporated even while struggling with incredulous damages caused by the sudden outbreak of Covid-19, makes sure to provide infallible responses in keeping its employees healthy and virus-free.

Responses like provision of Vitamins for each employee, encouraging them to take these in a daily basis, have been practiced by the company. Disinfectants have become a must-have both in our employees’ pockets and the cars they use. Face shields matched with especially customized, anti-microbial masks are distributed while giving strict instructions of wearing them all the time especially when outside.

In the same capacity, the company makes sure to follow strict precautionary measures inside its premises. Coming in and out of our offices and warehouses has apparently changed, making the thermal scanner more important than the biometrics reader. Ventilation must also be kept clean and free from viruses and bacteria.

In the current situation of our communities, simple colds, coughs and chills cannot be treated lightly. Because of this, Brun Aircondition Incorporated is giving its best effort to avoid sick-office syndrome by allowing a proper and clean ventilating system.

As we highly encourage every business establishment to also observe the welfare of employees while inside company premises, we are dedicated in providing the best of consultation and air conditioning solutions. With our time-tested expertise, businesses like yours can rest assured that air conditioning systems are kept clean and efficient, while giving you beneficial advises on its operational strategy.

Our tireless professionals believe that every Filipinos deserve to make a living with a healthy disposition by working in a safe, disinfected environment not only in these trying times, but regularly, like our lives depend on it because they do.

Since our lines are open from 8 AM to 6 PM from Mondays to Saturdays, our professionals are ever ready to provide the highest air conditioning solutions anytime at your convenience. Make the safe, clean air conditioning system as one of your responses to Covid-19 pandemic and call us today.

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