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10 Commonly Overlooked Tips for a Successful Entrepreneurship

Being the leader of your own company, may it be small or large, gives a person a sense of freedom and empowerment. Entrepreneurs make decisions for themselves, realize their creative visions, and develop lasting relationships with other entrepreneurs, customers, and vendors. You can build things and watch them grow. It is great to live that way, most especially if you do not miss or overlook on the small things that contribute in achieving the goals in your business.

Here, we have listed down the commonly overlooked tips that surprisingly help you to substantially bring your entrepreneurship journey into success.

1. Be gritty. Grit means perseverance, it is the go-get-them attitude. Grit is the ability to keep working when everyone tells you it is time to give up. Continue making risks but know how to manage them. Learn to recognize which risks are worth taking and which you should walk away from.

2. Show you passion. Your passion was and still is the North Star of your business, do not let anyone lose sight of it. As selling is a transfer of enthusiasm, your passion should be seen on your product and services. While it doesn’t always feel like Christmas, you have to stay optimistic that your passion will help you get through any problems you encounter in your business. As you stay passionate about what you’re doing, you always have to look for the good and the lesson in everything that goes wrong.

3. Be hands-on. Every successful business has an entrepreneur who keeps his hands on all areas of his business, like a doctor. Do not be afraid of doing even the smallest task simply because no one knows your business best but you. This way, you can also set an example to your employees on how things should be done - the entrepreneur way.

4. Focus on your customers. The purpose of your business should not only be to gain profit. It is to create and keep a good relationship with your customers. You want them to come the first time, come again, then finally come with their friends. Listen to your customers’ complaints, if any – this is how you identify your weaknesses. Take your customers seriously by listening and treating their complaints with respect.

5. Be competitive. Always challenge you and your business in reaching higher goals. No one else is going to push your business to succeed, everything is up to you. Keeping an eye to your competitors is healthy for your business, too. It inspires you to achieve greater heights, just always be prepared for what comes in the way of your business because competition is everything and differentiation is the key to successful selling. You must have the competitive advantage, this makes you better than your competitors.

6. Be unpredictable. Exceed your customer’s expectation. If you produce more than what you promised, then you get more than what you expected. Deliver not just sell. This also means always striving for excellence, not profit. Be in constant motion, innovate.

7. Set a company culture. Your attitude, beliefs and morals set the tone for the rest of your company and its business. Remember, you are the entrepreneur, the leader, and the trailblazer. It is important to set and know what you want your company culture to look like as it resounds to your employees and, finally, to your customers.

8. Put everything on your calendar. If you think something doesn’t need to be put in your calendar, it does. Put your meetings, time with friends, happy-hour business meetings, business social media updating, workouts, meal-times, and anything else that you do on your calendar. Once everything is there, there aren’t anymore excuses for not getting them done.

9. Schedule Quiet Work Periods. Whatever you put it your calendar, you should never forget to include “quiet work periods”, as this is the time when you can work, solve problems, or think creatively without being interrupted. Everyone needs these periods of time to be a successful entrepreneur, guard your quiet work times with your life. The success of your business may depend upon them.

10. Make time for exercises. Sitting down all-day long or even for long working hours is bad for your health. Being a successful entrepreneur doesn’t just mean running a profitable business. Run yourself too ragged managing that business and you might not be around to enjoy its success. You must take care of yourself as well as your business, and taking care includes exercise. Make sure to book time in your calendar to get in some exercise and get out of your chair. Build time into your calendar every week or even everyday. Be physically active and take care of your body to take care of your business.

Think we missed something? Write it down in the comment box!

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