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5 Elements of The Best HVAC Contractor for Multi-Branch Businesses

If you are managing a business with multi-branches, the need to provide the same cool and comforting feeling to your customers in every location is high. At the same capacity, the struggle in sourcing for the HVAC Contractor that can keep the same indoor quality for all of your branches is tough. Good thing it is anything but hopeless. So, we have listed down the elements of the best HVAC Contractor for multi-location businesses to streamline your sourcing.

1. With service centers near your branches.

A service contractor with multiple locations is the perfect fit for your multi-branch business. As you may already understand it, you are compatible. Not only can this HVAC contractor provide spot-on services for your needs, the cost of their services will be much cheaper compared to a single-branch contractor that may charge you additional mobilization fees depending on the location of your branch.

2. With a dedicated Account Manager

As a multi-location business, you are providing a significant volume of work for your commercial HVAC maintenance company, and your contactor needs to provide a dedicated manager assigned to your account. For you, it’s a single point of contact who knows your history as well as what’s going on with the maintenance at all your locations. That manager can roll up information for regional management and communicate efficiently with your staff at all levels.

3. With a monthly/quarterly reporting

As a Business Manager, you rely on data to help you make decisions. This applies even to your HVAC service-contractor. Your contractor should have a quarterly or even monthly report on how your locations are performing form a service standpoint. These reports should allow you to see the detailed HVAC data of your branches from costs of services being provided and how long the service hours take, collectively and individually. Your service contractor should be your eyes and ears on the ground about what is going on with the HVAC systems in all your locations. This contractor allows you to know any underlying problems upfront, and gives you suggestive solutions to help you act on them immediately.

4. With an all-inclusive Maintenance Agreements

There are many reasons for managers of multiple-location businesses to consider all-inclusive contracts for commercial HVAC maintenance, even though they may come with a higher price tag. These agreements take the guesswork out of budgeting for HVAC expenses: they cover all the labor, parts and materials for anything that could go wrong at all your locations. That eliminates your risk of facing a huge unexpected expense when equipment fails.

These contracts also cut down on paperwork and accounting, since you don’t have to track and pay invoices for every part and every service visit. Here’s another unexpected benefit: repairs can be completed faster since there’s no need to wait for approvals. Your contractor can just get the part and get things back up and running right away.

5. Offers Cost-Saving Proposals

When you are dealing with such a large expense as commercial HVAC maintenance for dozens of sites, you want a contractor that is capable of thinking outside the box and offer you cost-saving options. Here’s an example: Brun Incorporated offers our large multiple-location clients the option of reducing the cost of their next service contract when they decide to replace their aging equipment with its own brand, Brun Airconditioner. This includes proactive warranties and unbelievable after-sales services.

One way or another, make sure you’re getting the value you want and need for the price you pay for your HVAC Contractor – this is what Brun Incorporated helps you with. With our multi-branches from Luzon to Mindanao, there is no question with our ability to provide a spot-on, most affordable and unparalleled HVAC services around the country.

So, wherever you are in the Philippines, get a quote from us today!

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