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1 year warranty
5 Years Compressor Warranty
Eco Friendly
Ionizing Filter
Sound Proof Compressor

Capacity Range:



Price Range:

1.0 HP         1.5 HP

2.0 HP        2.5 HP


Inverter, R32 Refrigerant

Ionizing Filter

Rapid-Cooling Technology

LED Display

Self-Diagnosis Function


Auto-Restart Technology

Easy-to-clean Filter Mesh

24-hour Timer

Hydrophilic-Coated Fins

P̶h̶p̶ 1̶9̶, 4̶7̶2̶ -̶ P̶h̶p̶ 3̶3̶, 8̶9̶6̶

Php 14,960 - Php 25,925

*price may vary depending on location

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Window Type Inverter

MEGA inverter


The Game-Changing Comfort

Brun Mega Inverter Window Type Air Conditioner gives rise to a stress-free, cooling environment with up to 60% energy saving.

Offering multiple benefits to its users, including an ionizing filter that effectively clears out air impurities, and a modern Inverter System that has proven to drastically save energy cost, Brun Inverter Window Type Air Conditioner is the game-changer.

So, when choosing an air conditioner for your home, choose what's best for both your health and your budget. Choose Brun Mega Inverter Window Type Air Conditioner!

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