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Full DC Inverter Technology
Wide Operation Range
Intelligent Controls
Service Window Design
Intelligent Defrost
Temperature Sensor
Self Diagnosis

Capacity Range:


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Full-DC Inverter Technology

Wide Operation Range

Intelligent Controls

Service-Window Design

Intelligent Defrost

Back-up Operation

Anti-Corrosion Protection

Rapid and Precise Cooling Technology

Sound-proof Compressor

Automatic Refrigerant Checking and Charging

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Brun Full DC Inverter VRF System

brun full dc inverter

vrf system

The High-Powered, Heavy-Duty Cooling Solution

Brun Full DC Inverter VRF System is everything you need in a commercial air conditioning! 

Equipped with an intelligent control system, Brun Full DC Inverter VRF System recognizes temperature conditions of the whole weather and dynamically adjusts operation capacity. Ultimately, reducing energy consumption greatly. Plus, it is built with a heat storage that allows waste heat to dissolve frost of the outdoor unit. Therefore, a non-stop defrosting! It's R410a refrigerant, an environmentally-safe refrigerant, allows a huge energy-saving. Plus, it can perform automatic refrigerant checking and charging, eliminating the trouble of refrigerant calculation.

Featuring a back-up operation that allows one compressor to function even when the other fails, plus its improved intelligent controls, Brun Full-DC Inverter VRF System guarantees increased energy-efficiency, better controllability and high durability.

What's more is that it is built with an anti-corrosion protection, ensuring an optimized function, rain or shine, through day and night!

5 years compressor warranty
1 year parts warranty
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