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Role of Air Conditioning System in Office Productivity

When the office atmosphere gets warm, employees tend be a little sluggish. Increased temperature and humidity level are proven to have effect on people. Although there are numbers of ways to help improve your workspace productivity, crafting a cool and comfortable work environment is an investment you will not regret.

Having a high-quality air conditioning unit installed is the best way to start but knowing the best time to upgrade your current air conditioning unit is not always as clear cut as it should be. The age of your unit, the current cost of energy, and the frequency of repairs are all indicators that an upgrade is the best solution. In the same capacity, knowing how well-ventilated your workspace is, plays an integral part.

What effect does air conditioning have on workers?

Increased temperatures and humidity levels have a direct effect on the productivity of your workspace. If a work environment is too hot, employees are more likely to feel lethargic, resulting for their concentration levels to decrease. At the other end of the scale, work environments that are too cold have an equally negative effect. For instance, lower working temperatures are linked to a higher risk of illness.

It is important to control the temperature and humidity of your work environment. It is not easy especially with the growing presence of heat-generating technology. In these days of non-stop advancement, simply opening your windows or turning a desktop fan on would not help. That is where air conditioning comes in. With correct use of it increases productivity throughout the workplace

Even so, air conditioners that are poorly maintained have gained some negative press in recent years, but a well-maintained, regularly inspected system with optimal ventilating system can create a work environment honed for maximum focus, concentration and performance.

Why is poor ventilation a big problem?

Poor ventilation has always been an issue in commercial buildings. To help save energy consumption and slow down energy crisis in each company, some establishment seal their buildings. Because of this, the “sick building syndrome” was born. The reason is because lower ventilation, although helps save energy, thus, promote inadequate maintenance of health and comfort of employees and other building occupants. Sick building syndrome causes a number of unpleasant symptoms, including eye irritation, nasal congestion, throat tightness, itchy skin, fatigue, headaches, and low concentration levels.

What is the solution to this recurring problem?

Older commercial and industrial buildings apparently need a helping hand to reduce the nasty effects of sick building syndrome. Thankfully, some modern buildings are designed and constructed with the mentioned factors in consideration, but still, some are not.

Upgrading and installing an air conditioning system with the right ventilation can only be done by professionals who have intensive knowledge in air conditioning and ventilating system. This is the part where Brun Air condition Incorporated can help you. Our team of experts only has one mission: To establish a controllable temperatures and comfort levels that workplaces need to improve health conditions and subsequently increase employee productivity.

Our lines are open from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM from Mondays to Saturdays, ensuring we provide the highest quality of AC solutions, anytime, anywhere.

What are you thoughts? Write it down below, we hear you.

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